I am the PROUD owner and fully endorse EMPIRICAL LABS products! As a bass player, the Distressor is King! I use it on every gig! The MIKE-E mic preamp has become a go-to in my studio! Dave Derr is the REAL DEAL, the quality of his products is INSANE and they are out of NEW JERSEY!


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  • Natural Mystic3:23
  • Hotline Bling3:16
  • Dead Men0:00
  • Jaida0:00
  • I'm On My Way0:00
  • The Moon Is Out4:47
  • Sleepwalking0:00
  • Something Tells Me0:00
  • Sunday Drive0:00
  • Cruisin0:00
  • On the Crawl0:00
  • Waltz For Kings0:00
  • In Daylight0:00
  • Half a Lover0:00
  • Western Man0:00
  • Apache Rose Peacock - Red Hot Chili Peppers0:00
  • Green Earrings - Steely Dan0:00
  • Tell Me Something Good - Rufus/Chaka Khan0:00
  • Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars0:00

1974 Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Michael Tobias Design MTD535


1968 Ampeg B15N

1974 Ampeg V4B Tube Amp & 4x12 Cab

Schroeder Bass Cabs

1965 Fender Pro Reverb Guitar Amp

Vox AC4 Tube Amp

Arturia MiniBrute


Vintech x73i Mic Pre/EQ

Pro Tools 10

various effects pedals (Boss, DOD, Earthquaker Devices, DigiTech, MXR, EHX)

various mics (Shure, Mojave, AKG, Sennheiser, Audix)

Ultimate Ears In Ear Monitors

Track Info

[I play bass on each track]

1. Natural Mystic - YAYA [Off album 'StrongBraveLion' 2014]

2. Hotline Bling - Hayan Charlston [2016]

3. Dead Man - Eric Slater [2013]

4. Jaida - Jevon [Off album 'COFFEE & A BLUNT' 2011]

5. I'm On My Way - Filthy Racket [Off album 'RAW EP' 2014]

6. The Moon Is Out - Jevon [2014]

7. Sleepwalking - Sveta Bout [Off album 'YOU WERE ONLY GOOD FOR WRITING SONGS ABOUT' 2009]

8. Something Tells Me - Will Champlin [2003]

9. Sunday Drive - Paul Trubachik [Off album 'ALL ANIMALS ARE SAD AFTER SEX' 2012]

10. Cruisin - Jevon [Off 'COFFEE & A BLUNT' with Mo Pleasure on keys 2011]

11. On the Crawl - Adam Ezra Group [Off album 'CRAWL'  2005]

12. Waltz For Kings - Sveta Bout [Off 'YOU WERE ONLY GOOD FOR WRITING SONGS ABOUT' 2009]

13. In Daylight - Paul Trubachik [Off 'ALL ANIMALS ARE SAD AFTER SEX' 2012]

14. Half a Lover - Jevon [Off 'COFEE & A BLUNT' with Philip J Bailey of EWF on background vocals 2011]

15. Western Man - Adam Ezra Group [Off 'CRAWL' 2005]

16. Apache Rose Peacock (RHCP) [Live bootleg of the Quiet Woman Band 2011]

17. Green Earrings (Steely Dan) [Live bootleg of the Quiet Woman Band 2012]

18. Tell Me Something Good (Rufus/Chaka Khan) [Live bootleg of the Quiet Woman Band 2012]

19. Locked Out of Heaven (Bruno Mars) [Live bootleg of the Quiet Woman Band 2012]